Friday, 20 February 2009

Logos shmogos

As mentioned earlier we've got to make a showreel. Apparently deadline is around 20th of March so I should really start getting on with it properly. Its three of us working on it - Alex, Dan and me, so each of us have bits of different thing to do. My first bit is creating a logo. We still haven't made our final decision about the title and I think at this point we are not going to, as we heard those titles too many times by now.
Dan if you're seeing this - please tell me is there at least one you like. Please! Peasepleaseplease!

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Anonymous said...

Comment, scmomment

I like 2,3,and 4. 2 Would be the winner for me although if 7 is animated all scribbly it may look very good, they are all top though!

How decisive am I?