Saturday, 31 January 2009


Alex has uploaded our little website for the film:

Farm backgrounds

We've been story-boarding today. We are more than halfway through and so far we have about 50 different shots. Which means its about 50 A3 size backgrounds to make. It makes me feel a little bit sick.
Here are some ideas for the backgrounds:

Monday, 26 January 2009


Making cut out scarecrows out of magazines is probably one of the most pleasing things to do. They can be really messy, their scruffy outfit doesn't have to match. I was going through girly magazines looking for some nice textures and fabrics to dress up the scarecrows. I'm not a very big fan of girly magazines, although I do get Vogue or Elle occasionally for some good references. I was quite amazed how some of the catwalk models actually look very similar to scarecrows...

My Farm

Today is the handing in of written and illustrated proposal day for which we had two weeks to complete.
Me and Alex, besides finishing and handing in our dissertations, also were drawing possible character designs, backgrounds, some action poses of the characters, designing the poster for the film, writing the proposal, character descriptions and even our biographies.
We have also split some of the work - Alex did most of the writing, I did lots of illustrations.
Finally it was all put into so called animation bible, which was edited as a magazine. We called it "My Farm". Here is a front cover for it (layout was made by Alex, pictures by me, we have also argued couple of hours about fonts and colours of the cover till finally I took his favorite mug again and promised to break it if he won't agree with what I say):

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Final Major Project

Round two weeks we have started our Final major project for Animation&Design course at University of Sunderland.
It is me and Alex working together on a film for which idea came few months ago.
Last summer I was on the bus going to visit my friend in other town. The bus trip took about 3 boring hours so I had loads of time to look through the window at flat Lithuanian landscapes, small country houses and yellow fields of wheat as it was beginning of August. I thought then that it would be nice to make a little story about farmer and a scarecrow.
Some time later I told about this to Alex and he loved it. As we are two grownups we have realized that two of us can make slightly longer, more developed and visually stronger film so instead of working one by one we've decided to work together (actually, I have stolen Alex's favorite "Finding Nemo" mug and said I'll break it if he won't work with me. He gave up).