Saturday, 24 January 2009

Final Major Project

Round two weeks we have started our Final major project for Animation&Design course at University of Sunderland.
It is me and Alex working together on a film for which idea came few months ago.
Last summer I was on the bus going to visit my friend in other town. The bus trip took about 3 boring hours so I had loads of time to look through the window at flat Lithuanian landscapes, small country houses and yellow fields of wheat as it was beginning of August. I thought then that it would be nice to make a little story about farmer and a scarecrow.
Some time later I told about this to Alex and he loved it. As we are two grownups we have realized that two of us can make slightly longer, more developed and visually stronger film so instead of working one by one we've decided to work together (actually, I have stolen Alex's favorite "Finding Nemo" mug and said I'll break it if he won't work with me. He gave up).

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