Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Witches, sketches and Lincoln

I've nearly finished the animatic for the "Witch Betty". I had lots of fun drawing her facial expressions - I used to hate doing this as my first attempts looked like drawings made by 3-year old. But I think they are getting slightly better. I think I've reached at least 4-year old level.
I would love to go back to life drawing classes to draw some nudes. Specially, if there would be lots of different types of models and not the same Scott with his mustachio again and again and again and again and again!!!
Hopefully, ones we are slightly less busy we'll get to do life drawing again.
I also forgot to mention, that I've got the job in Lincoln!
It's only for a couple of weeks, but I'm really looking forward for it! The company is called "Electric Egg",  they do videos, photography and animation, and the guys that work in there are really nice.
The only thing - I'm still not entirely sure about where to stay in Lincoln, but I'm quite positive, that I'll think of something.
Nevertheless, any suggestions are welcome! Except the one about staying in a caravan. Or camping. Caravan is not a completely terrible idea, but I would be terrified to live in it on my own in the middle of nowhere with wild bears and badgers creeping around.

Here's Betty Boo:

Monday, 1 February 2010

Betty Boo

Well, it seems that our Oddball is getting very busy recently. It is two projects, that are currently on our plate and must be done in 2 weeks time. One of them is an animation about MS and the other one is a short animation about a witch.

It is the second short that we are making as Jeff and Sandie, lovely people that asked us to do the first part, kindly suggested to produce one more.
They are making short educational films for school children and want to add an animated title sequence to the films.
First animation had three witch characters and the recent one has an additional little story-teller witch.
As communicating via e-mail with Jeff and Sandie became more and more complicated because of the use of the words "witch" and "which" I selfishly decided to name the last witch as Betty. And today my achievement of the day was  coming up with a full name for her - "Betty Boo".
I'll ask Dan and Alex do I get a Gold star for this.
I'm adding few Betty designs (Jeff and Sandie liked the first Betty):