Thursday, 26 November 2009

Home made

I've got a very good mum. She loves me very much and spoils me rotten.
Now I don't think that way, but when last time me and Alex visited my parents, he told me (whilst chomping slice of cake, that MY mummy made specially for ME and for ME ONLY!!!!!!!!!) that I'm well spoiled by my mum and dad.
Anyways, the blog is about a hat. My mum loves knitting and she loves to knit for somebody rather than for herself, so she's always in search for a knitting target. Most of time it used to be me, but nowadays she makes piles of tiny socks and hats. Not because she keeps gnomes in her garden or because her two cats were complaining recently about cold weather. It's cause she has two grandchildren, therefore I feel completely forgotten and abandoned (not really to be honest).
Nevertheless, she found a spare minute for me and asked would I like a hat and if I do - what kind. I do like hats, so I've done a little research what would be nice to wear on my stupid head. I found a really nice one and send a picture to my mum.
She promised to knit it for me. The only thing, she said she'll do the knitting part, but I'll have to do the sewing and decorating bit as she has more knitting orders from her grand-babies waiting.
Oh well. She's very good, my mum.
On the left is a hat from a shop. On the right is my mums and mine joined effort. Ta-da:


Bad Seed said...

haha i love it! I still have not learned how to knit.... i fear it will never happen

Lota said...

Thank you Fran!!!
It's dead easy - knitting, i'll teach you!
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