Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I've recently scanned some old photographs of the day my parents got married. I think they are brilliant pictures.
Now I must explain, that traditional Lithuanian wedding usually takes two days. And there is no best man.
But there are Matchmakers. Matchmakers, do lots of things and are responsible for lots of little tasks during the Wedding.
But my favorite part of the wedding is called "Hang the Matchmaker". The idea behind is that a Matchmaker took the young girl away from her family, there for he's got to be killed by hanging. But then the happy-in-love bride saves him. Well, usually. Unless the groom is a complete useless pig-face and bride would rather happily stay with her mother...
So the bolding guy holding a bottle, in a picture below is a Matchmaker (and my uncle as well) who is about to be hanged.
I'm not entirely sure what does the guy with tights on his head do during the wedding, but I'll ask my mum to find out.

Bride and Groom

That looks like wine tasting:

That is a wedding taxi:

Here are the Wedding musicians:

That is my mother enjoying the part "Hang the Matchmaker":

Before the execution:

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