Saturday, 16 January 2010

The interview

So I've got this job interview on tuesday. It's a job for a few weeks in animation, it sounds nice and it would be great to do it.
It is obviously not the first job interview I'll be going to, but it still doesn't help not getting nervous about it.
Obviously I've got few things to sort out this weekend - finish some bits and bobs of animation, sort out the portfolio, think of what am I going to say.
And this is how I am getting ready for the interview - watching Stephen Fry in America, drinking hot toddy and doing fuck all.
Anyways, I'm adding one of the images that I'll put into my portfolio tomorrow.
And please, do not dare to disturb me on sunday, as I'll be working VERY VERY hard on the preparation for the interview.

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Erica said...

very cute drawing